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Marcus Pereira
tech lead @ Getrak

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You should use what makes you happy (and productive)

Use the OS that you like, use the tools that you like.


My Linux Setup for 2022

Pop_OS! 21.10 with a few tweaks here and there.


Fixing a USB Stick formatted in RAW (on Windows)

A quick fix for an unformatable USB stick.


Ditching Medium in favor to my own multilingual blog made with 11ty and Netlify CMS

Medium had one of my blog posts under their paywall, I wanted to have my own self-hosted multilingual blog. Now a few years later, I just did it using 11ty and Netlify CMS.


Powering up your Windows 10 workflow with Windows PowerToys

Using Windows 10 is way better with Power Toys by your side.


Using regex to find and remove commented PHP code (and improve readability)

You can use regex to easily find, replace or remove unnecessary code in your applications.


How we built a website and a CMS for a college event using Vue, Webpack and PHP

Talking a bit about our experience developing EGPM's website and CMS, the reception and what we learnd doing it.