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Marcus Pereira
tech lead @ Getrak

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Writing better shell scripts using the power of Node with Google ZX

And utilizing it to polish a script we use a lot on the company I work for.


Fixing OpenGraph previews on LinkedIn

Finally having my blog post previews beign showed correctly on LinkedIn when someone shares them.


Vite is Awesome

A next generation frontend tool that makes a ton of difference in the developer experience.


Fixing JetBrains' IDEs not listing available Github PRs

Reviewing PRs on JetBrains IDEs is great, but you need to do a little something before getting started.


Automating things for fun and to make our lives easier

One of the coolest parts of programming is to automate things. Try it!


Ventoy, the definitive way to create a bootable USB stick

No more formatting your USB stick every time you need to install a new OS.


Strategies to avoid spam (and digital distractions) in a daily basis

A few methods that I found to keep me focused in a world where every single device wants my attention all the time.