Alan Wake (PS5) Bug Report


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Hi, folks! First of all, thanks for the greatest Remedy game to date. Congrats to all the team!

This is an unlisted blog post with a short documentation of the glitches I found while playing the PS5 version of Alan Wake 2. I hope it's useful and if needed, don't hesitate in contact me (@pmarcus93 everywhere).

Beware of spoilers ahead!


  • I'm playing on the PS5 in the performance mode on the latest patch as today.
  • The game is installed on internal SSD.
  • Language: Brazilian Portuguese (PT-BR).


I had a few instances where my characters glitches in falling into the geometry of the scenario. Some examples:

  • As Alan and Saga, I was able to fall over the map while climbing / going down in some ladders.

  • As Saga, I glitched into the map while getting hit while the animation of picking up a manuscript was being played.

  • As Saga, I was able to fall through the map close to the fishing area of Bright Falls.

  • Some elements in various scenarios can block passages to rooms.

  • If the room is completely dark, when Saga interacts with something on a wall, you can't see anything. I think she should point her flashlight in the direction of the thing she's interacting.

Alan's Sequences

  • In the first safe room in the dark place, closer to the first room where you find Sheriff Tim, a wooden table showed up in front of the door, blocking the passage. I reloaded the last save game and it disappeard.

Update 23-11-01

  • In the cinema section, Tim Breaker glitched into the wall. I could interact with him, but his model didn't look directly at me.

Tim Breaker glitched in the cinema section.

Saga's Sequences

  • In the retirement home sequence, Saga's flashlight can be buggy and illuminate the scenery with a blocky look. If I move to certain positions, the flashlight comes back to normal.
  • Also in the retirement home sequence, after loading a saved game, Pat Maine can show up in the "T-Pose", on the right of his chair.

Missing translation.

  • While using the mind place, if I zoom to the max in the map or in the board of clues, the camera clips through and I can't see anything.
  • When I tried to pick up a manuscript page, Saga got invisible for a moment (seems related to the clipping glitch that I described earlier).

Update 23-11-01

  • In the final sequence after Saga goes to the Dark Place and starts questioning herself, the text written in the paper in the Alex Casey section doesn't show properly (string too large for the container?).

String too large for the container in the Dark Place section of Saga's campaign.

Localization Issues - Brazilian Portuguese

  • Subtitles can show up duplicated or desynchronized (seems to be improved in the last patch, but there's still some occurrences in the early game).

  • There's an untranslated text in the Rose's "altar". The text [longing internally] should be something like [ansioso por dentro] if the intended context is for anxiety or [desejando por dentro] if the intended context is for desire.

Missing translation.

  • Sometimes text is rendered with a weird alignment, mostly because of the amount of characters by line.

Bad alignment 1.

Bad alignment 2.

  • Sometimes text can overflow the "text box container".

Text overflowing the box.

  • Seems like a few strings for the icons on the map wasn't showing up / are not translated.

    • Examples are: battery, flare_pack.

      Text overflowing the box.

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