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Em português: Revivendo um pendrive "informatável" no formato RAW (no Windows).

Fixing a USB Stick formatted in RAW (on Windows)


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I have two Kingstom Datatraveler DT50 USB sticks that I use mostly for installing Linux distribuitions. Recently, both of them was unusable due to its partitions beign stuck in RAW format.

I could not format it directly via Windows GUI and I even had troubles trying to format them on my Linux distros.

I found on a forum (I lost the link, sorry) that you can fix it on Windows using Diskpart. Open the command prompt with administrator privilleges and then run the following commands:

  • diskpart
  • list disk
    (check the number related to your USB stick)
  • select disk [number of your USB stick]
  • clean
  • format quick recommended override


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